continuous improvement
of our technologies

Through consistent research and development, Niitsu Turbo Industries strives to achieve  the continuous improvement of our technologies and to exceed the expectations of customers in our products.

By analysing the various stress points of our turbochargers, we are able to maintain the quality of our Niitsu products with the consistency that our customers have come to expect. We will also routinely update the list of part numbers for the current batch of housings and cartridge to cater to our customers’ growing needs.

Our R&D is also carried out with a few objectives in mind:

Achieving better performance in every new product development is one of the main goals of our research and development.

With the usage of advanced equipments such as 3D scanners, coordinate measuring machines and more, we aim to achieve absolute precision in every product.

New products are carefully reversed engineered using state of the art technology such as white light technology and highly advanced machineries.

The material of the turbocharger is what defines its superior quality. Hence,  every part’s material is examined and tested in the lab to ensure that the composition follows OE standards.

At the final stage of our development, new products are put to test in our test rig to certify their safety, performance, durability and quality.