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With a wealth of experience in the aftermarket turbochargers industry, Niitsu Turbo Industries is a dynamic ISO certified company and manufacturer for replacement turbochargers in Malaysia.

Through the years, Niitsu has solidified its position as a reliable, trusted and quality brand that prides itself towards becoming the leading manufacturer for replacement turbochargers in the aftermarket automotive and heavy machineries equipment industry. The heavy machineries that are powered by Niitsu turbochargers include bulldozers, dump trucks, excavators and back loaders.

To date, we have successfully acquired the trust of over 100 companies worldwide across more than 35 countries to continue supplying them with our high-quality products.


Corporate Overview

We are humbled and honoured to have a longstanding history that depicts our evolution and growth from a budding manufacturer to a renowned turbocharger specialist in Malaysia.


Focus Industry

While we’ve produced turbochargers for a wide range of applications, from passenger cars to heavy equipment machinery.


Our Strength

As part of our service level commitment, we are dedicated in providing total customer satisfaction by delivering the following values for our prized customers.



To be the Top-Of-Mind brand and Number 1.
choice for turbochargers in the aftermarket industry


To be one of the leading manufacturers of the best replacement turbochargers for the aftermarket automotive industry and heavy machineries equipment industry.

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