We safeguard
our quality consistency

Despite the mass production of our products, Niitsu Turbo Industries safeguards the consistency of our quality by enforcing the strictest policy and procedures in all of our manufacturing process.

Every product is thoroughly checked and tested for fitting, porosity, corrosion, uneven surface, blockage and poor material, to certify that only perfect and high-quality products leave our warehouse. Before shipment, all products are attached with a serial number for verification and product protection purposes.

A leak test is performed at the end line assembly to certify that there are no leakages from either the wastegate or actuator of our turbochargers. Any leakages found will result in an immediate rejection.

The boost of the Niitsu turbocharger is calibrated to have the perfect balance between effectiveness and lifespan. To avoid under or over boosting, the turbochargers are calibrated for accurate boost and pressure settings.

At the assembly plant, our engineers thoroughly check the inducer and exducer of both the compressor and turbine wheels using OE housings to ensure interchangeability. This guarantees the profiles of the wheels in accordance with the OE standard.

All Niitsu turbochargers are subjected to a rotation of up to 300,000 RPM in the balancing and vibration test. The test is executed using the Vibration Sorting Rig (VSR) balancing machine to establish longer service lives and quieter operations.