Niitsu BIRETTO® Wheel
Produced exclusively by Niitsu Turbo Industries

Due to tough working environment in certain continents, Niitsu Turbo Industries has successfully developed the BIRETTO® Wheel to withstand the High Altitude and Central Forces practiced by the turbocharger in the contemporary engine.

BIRETTO® Wheel offers high performance, durability and reliability to withstand the stressed working environment of a turbocharger. With BIRETTO® Wheel, it will boost up the air flow and ensure the turbocharger performs to its optimum level when required.

After successfully invested in R&D for the past 12 months, Niitsu Turbo Industries hence has called this development a success and ready to be introduced into the market which required this high intensity product.

Altitude is not an obstacle anymore

*Niitsu Turbo Industries reserved the rights of the name, design, technology and prototype of BIRETTO® Wheel.

*Acceptance of manufacturing request is subject to final confirmation from Niitsu Turbo Industries.

Elements of an Aftermarket Turbocharger

Niitsu Turbo Industries has been able to stand out in the aftermarket business because Niitsu understands the elements of aftermarket turbocharger. The time value of a machine is low, approximately after 5 years in operation and customers prefer a lower cost turbocharger to be fitted into their engines. Thus, customers tend to choose aftermarket turbocharger because the OEM turbo has a long lead time and the cost of OEM turbo is too high.

Therefore, Niitsu provides an alternative for customers who prefer cheaper solution for their turbocharger needs. The need for a reliable replacement turbocharger is inevitable as customers need to repair their engines and Niitsu can offer this to customers without compromising on its quality.

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