Niitsu ARUMAITO® Compressor Wheel
Produced exclusively by Niitsu Turbo Industries

Recently, the demand for turbochargers in the automobile industry is increasing worldwide because of the emission regulations in Europe and the expansion of the Asian car segment. As we all know, compressor wheel is the main unit of a turbocharger. It requires not only high durability but also high dimensional accuracy.

On the other hand, as turbocharger performance improves, customer expectations in terms of levels of quality have risen enormously. Because they turn at speeds in the excess of 200,000 rpm, there is a need, not only for high durability, but also for high dimensional accuracy, and particularly for product of initial balance. Due to this reason, Niitsu Turbo Industries has developed a new compressor wheel called ARUMAITO® Compressor Wheel which produces better performance, higher durability, increased in surface hardness, higher density and good resistance heat.

With the on-going trends for smaller size and higher power for passenger and commercial vehicle turbochargers, there will be a need for compressor wheels to withstand higher speed and temperature than at present. ARUMAITO® Compressor Wheel is being reinforced by a solution treatment and an aging treatment which results in a good resistant strength, heat and greater performance. It would not be deformed or broken by fatigue even by using it at a temperature as high as 200°C.


ARUMAITO® Compressor Wheel is made from 354 heat-treated aluminium process. The compressor wheel is what delivers the dense pressurised air to the engine and it is one of the most important criteria for a quality turbocharger. Computer aided design allows for new blade combinations and specifications to be created to maximise airflow efficiency and pressure.

ARUMAITO® Compressor Wheel by Niitsu Turbo Industries is thus much stronger than conventional wheels and also allows a better balancing of the wheel due to a higher density.

Turbocharger Compressors Comparison

Being one of the leaders in the turbochargers aftermarket industry, Niitsu Turbo Industries will continue to invest and develop higher technology to serve the aftermarket needs. The ARUMAITO® Compressor Wheel is one of our latest innovations proven to perform better after stringent test and full research are done on the turbocharger.

Niitsu Turbo Industries will be ready to undertake future challenges from the turbochargers aftermarket industry and we assure all of our turbochargers distributors and customers worldwide that we will further advance the technology and development of turbochargers to be on par with world renowned manufacturers.

With our diesel turbochargers distributors growing day by day, it is our dream to continue to produce more turbochargers part numbers and consistently keep up with the quality of our turbochargers. We thank you for your support!

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