Why Niitsu Turbochargers?

What makes Niitsu diesel turbochargers different from other replacement diesel turbocharger brands?

Niitsu Turbo Industries only manufactures diesel turbochargers at the highest quality possible, developed to give engine manufacturers the extra pressure ratio. We only supply turbochargers combined with best efficiency levels to allow vehicle manufacturers develop engines beyond industrial emission standards. Niitsu turbochargers are exported to 35 countries worldwide helping manufacturers to use advanced miller timings to reduce fuel consumptions while maintaining the power density.

Niitsu Turbo Industries is the market leader in pressure ratio and efficiency for diesel turbocharger. We manufactures vehicle turbochargers for high-altitude and high-ambient installations. We also exports turbochargers compatible with different fuel types for versatility. Niitsu Turbo Industries turbochargers are tailored for use in different vehicles and applications. We supports client with our world-class global service network for turbochargers.

Why Choose
Niitsu Turbo Industries?

Production – Turbochargers Quality

Niitsu Turbo Industries began manufacturing turbochargers products under the leadership of our principal who has many years of experience from an OEM company. Thus, we can ensure and assure our customers that every detail and technical steps produced at Niitsu Turbo Industries are according to OE standards. All Niitsu Turbo Industries turbochargers part numbers are produced to match the OE data, be it the wheel sizes, hole sizes and thread, oil inlet and outlet, actuator pressure and orientation. We also always strive to improvise the cons of the OE turbo.

In the earlier points mentioned above, it seems that our products play a significant role in Niitsu Turbo Industries. However, without strategising our marketing efforts, Niitsu Turbo Industries will not be where it is today. With the innovation and technology that we invest to develop new turbochargers, cartridge models and part numbers, we always aim to keep up with the aggressive and competitive market to gain more market share. That is why Niitsu has strong brand recognition nationwide.

In return, as a mark of gratitude, we support our distributors' sales in terms of sponsorship of uniforms, posters, premiums and other forms of marketing materials and samples as well as in media sponsorship for racing teams and at exhibitions. We do encourage all our distributors to exhibit at their respective countries' exhibitions as through this, Niitsu Turbo Industries’ market can reach a wide range of well-selected and potential target audience. With all that is said about marketing and production of turbochargers at Niitsu Turbo Industries, customers tend to choose us because of our higher profit margin as compared to OE brands.

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