Research & Development

At Niitsu Turbo Industries, we believe in product integrity. Hence, our engineers constantly research on new development to keep par with today's technologies.

Our depth engineers will continuously analyse to find matching data in order to produce more part numbers with the current batch of available housings and cartridge. Very often, they update with new part numbers development to cater to the nation's needs. Scientific analysis of stress points is also taken into account during research in order to maintain product quality with consistency.

With R&D intact, Niitsu Turbo Industries products are guaranteed of flawless performance and to be in the best shape throughout its turbocharger’s life span.

Compressor Wheel Manufacturing Process

The compressor wheel manufacturing is designed and produced with die casting under low fluid pressure, in completely airtight cavity and with saturated nitrogen protection to ensure harmonisation and purity of the material.

This particular function provides instant hardening within 6 seconds and artificial aging over 30 hours to ensure internal strength and consistence in micro structure.

The compressor wheel manufacturing will go through a 100% fluorescence examination and X-ray inspection to avoid any forms of minor internal defect. Then it will be put through a 100% fine sand blasting on disk and blades to increase surface strength.

Finally, the large compressor wheels for diesel application will be running on mandrel at 60,000 RPM for 30 minutes to relieve stress and expansion. The wheel will be machined and balanced for the second time to ensure super precision.

Compressor housings
and turbine housings moulding
and casting

The moulding and casting process of a turbocharger requires a huge investment and in order to keep Niitsu products competitive in the aftermarket, Niitsu Turbo Industries has outsourced this manufacturing step to several foundry factories in Asia, which receive recognition in their field. These outsourced factories are selected based on their reputation and Niitsu Turbo Industries has chosen these factories because they are also the OE contract manufacturer located in Asia.

Based on the wide selection of mould availability, Niitsu Turbo Industries is capable to produce up to 700 part numbers for international requirement.

From the data available from Niitsu Turbo Industries, we are capable to mix and match and produce up to 8 variants per housings. All these housing materials are ensured to be the same specifications as OEM standard and requirement to ensure product quality and stability.

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