A Dynamic Turbochargers Manufacturer in The Automotive Industry

Niitsu Turbo Industries is a dynamic manufacturer of replacement turbochargers for the aftermarket industry, focusing on quality control, competitive pricing, best availability, constant product development and new technology advances, which make our products accepted in many countries around the world. With all these aspects intact, Niitsu Turbo Industries now supplies and export turbochargers to more than 35 countries worldwide. To become a competitive turbocharger manufacturer in the automotive industry, we are committed in supplying the best diesel turbochargers for complete customer satisfaction.

The red bull is the intepretation of Niitsu Turbo Industries' longtime industrial presence in turbocharger manufacturing. This icon was designed in 2014, years after Niitsu Turbo Industries came into incorporation.

As Niitsu Turbo Industries grew into Niitsu, Niitsu acquired the assembly plant with vehicles turbocharger manufacturing being carried out in Malaysia, which is Niitsu's home country and office base. Technology parts for our diesel turbochargers are now being produced in Malaysia, having obtained the 'Made in Malaysia' manufacturing license and Certificate of Origin. Niitsu wanted the red bull icon to be oriented on the current logo as a symbol of moving forward with strength and tenacity.

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